To continually improve our support to all customers, we’ve reviewed and updated our best practices on vulnerable customers. Our focus has been on how we recognise and assist customers with a range of needs, with the overall aim of protection to those customers.

How can advisers help?

A good starting point to help your understanding of the duty of care to your clients would be to take a look over the latest rules and guidance from the FCA on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers.

For any of your clients who have additional needs or fall into a vulnerability category, please provide us this information so we can support them and you. The best place to have this information is on the customer’s policy so that our agents are fully aware of their needs and can provide the correct support. As this information is sensitive data, we do need to have explicit consent from the customer. So, we would like you to take the following steps:

  • Encourage your customer to contact us directly to discuss their circumstances and get the appropriate support. They can do this by using our chatbot facility on our website, emailing us at or telephoning us on 03456 011 060
  • As this is sensitive category data, we’re unable to take consent through a third party i.e you. However, we do appreciate your client may want you to contact us on their behalf instead. In this situation, please still encourage them to contact us directly, explaining the above. Failing that, you can advise us of this and tell your client that we’ll be in touch with them by telephone.


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