Mortgage Protection - Eligibility


Our Mortgage Protection is available for purchase, but only to cover accident and sickness. If you have a client who is an existing policyholder, we'd like to assure you that they are not affected by the changes in availability of this product, and can continue to claim in line with the terms and conditions of their current policy.


To be eligible to take out MortgageProtector we ask that your clients:

  • Are at least 18 and under 64 living in the UK
  • Are employed for at least 16 hours a week, every week
  • Their work is not temporary, casual, seasonal, irregular, for a period of training or apprenticeship
  • Are making payments on a mortgage agreement that’s been in place for less than 30 days or are about to.
  • Are up to date with their mortgage repayments, if they've an existing mortgage agreement
  • Are named on the mortgage agreement and/or their immediate family lives at the property for which their mortgage agreement is held
  • Are not aware of any circumstances which mean they'd need to make a claim.

We want to let you know...

As with all insurance policies there are circumstances when cover can't be offered or a claim paid. For example, any insured incident which your client intentionally causes or creates and pre-existing medical conditions unless your client has been symptom-free in the 12 months after the policy start date.

These are only examples. For full details of what's covered and what's not covered, please read our Mortgage Protection policy document. Alternatively, you can find further information in our Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) for Mortgage Protection.

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